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Another year!

End of another year

This year for many hasn’t been the best, and I dont even want to think about 2021 just yet…

But despite the terrible year, it’s still swung around very fast

Most of us could have used our time better, myself included

But we probably didn’t.

So whilst we close out the year

Just take a 2nd to reminisce on how you spent your time this year…

And also take a 2nd to think of all the positives that happend

Because in all the doom and gloom
The bad, cannot exist without the good

But they often get overlooked

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The Foundations Need To Be Facts.

The Foundations Need To Be Facts.

We’re coming up into the new year, everybody’s thinking about where their life is heading and starts setting goals (or resolutions.)

You know how they go.

But one thing we normally miss out is that we forget to look at where we are deeply.

We say we’re going to do X but we don’t have a clue where A is. So we have no idea how to get to B let alone X.

The result is we dive straight for X and we can’t maintain X, so we quit.

The foundations of what we set our goals on need to be Facts otherwise everything we say is just going to be fiction.

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The Decades Are Fast

Last night was the end of a decade,

I don’t know whether you were drowning your sorrows and being glad that the decade is over or celebrating your success and not wanting it to end…

either way, the decade is over, Today is the start of a new one

A lot can happen in a month, year… An awful lot can happen in a decade…

Look back at the last one and you’ll see how much you’ve changed,

Looking deeper though you’ll realise that change is slow…

Painfully slow

You don’t even see it happening…

Yet we want change to be like our amazon deliveries arriving on the same day, ok maybe we can wait till the next day…

But 3,6… 12 months for lifestyle change,

Saving 10% of your wage each month

Fuck That

We think the progress is too slow…

But looking back, We realise that the Decades are fast.

Imagine if you carried on saving 10% of your wages or started to invest what you had saved…

Imagine if you had carried on being healthier, Where would you be today…

This post isn’t about regretting what you never stuck too, it’s about realising that how fast the time goes and if we stick to what we said we would,

We will be a whole different person by the end of the year Let alone the decade…

Here’s to the new decade.

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The night before Christmas, We wonder about the gifts we’re going to get or as we get older. We wonder if the gifts we got others were enough, We stress about fitting everything in tomorrow, The cooking, the guests, the visits…

Instead of thinking about the gifts you’re going to get think about the gifts you were born with and what you can do with them, think how you can use these holidays to kick start the new year early and put them into motion…

After all, what better gift to give others is the gift of fulfilling your talents, The gift of inspiring others, the gift of your presence when you’re being your true self…

Just a thought…

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Why New Years Resolutions Fail & What You Can Do About It

*Originally Written and Posted for my Company Titan Strength Academy *

So it’s just passed that time of the year – You know the end of the last one where many (Maybe you) reflect back on the past 12 months and realise that maybe you’ve not done as much as you could have done.

Now you’re feeling guilty from the past 2 weeks of eating & drinking so you decide that now is a great time to make some Big lifestyle changes.

Some of the most popular ones according to a survey (Who fills them out I don’t know…)

Lose weight (54%)
Save more and spend less (32%)
Learn a new skill or hobby (26%)
Quit smoking (21%)
Read more (17%)
Drink less alcohol (15%)

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