Everything you don’t want

Everything you don’t want Is exactly what you need What you don’t want to do, see or hearIs what it takes to succeed in any form of success Long term commitment, slow results and hard work In relationships for example (and I know this isn’t everyone’s) but I see a lot on social media manyContinue reading “Everything you don’t want”

Your biggest driving force

What happens when the person you relie on goes away. I’m a big believer in having coaches. They keep you accountable, they push you forward, they help with that dirty word… motivate us when we dont feel like it. They are awesome. But what happens when they aren’t available? Then who motivates you,The who pushesContinue reading “Your biggest driving force”

Motivation… Is weak

External motivation is weak. Because it relies on something or someone else. I remember the late nights watching rocky 4 for like the 100th time, I used to get so motivated and want to run for miles… But in the late morning or afternoon whenever I woke That motivation was gone. And the exercise neverContinue reading “Motivation… Is weak”

When you don’t feel like it

When you don’t feel like it Is when you need to do it the most. When you have now motivation, or inspiration and you just wanna be curled up on the sofa. That’s when you need to just get up and do something. Anything, it doesn’t matter what, because that something will lead to somethingContinue reading “When you don’t feel like it”

Stay Strong

Stay strong. It’s easy to lose sight of purpose and motivation during the lockdown, When you can’t really do much and the days just seem to be the same, The excuse ill do it tomorrow sounds greater than ever. Let’s face it, what harm is another lazy day going to do anyway, when tomorrow isContinue reading “Stay Strong”