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When you don’t feel like it

When you don’t feel like it

Is when you need to do it the most.

When you have now motivation, or inspiration and you just wanna be curled up on the sofa.

That’s when you need to just get up and do something.

Anything, it doesn’t matter what, because that something will lead to something else.

To quote nike, just do it

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Stay Strong

Stay strong.

It’s easy to lose sight of purpose and motivation during the lockdown,

When you can’t really do much and the days just seem to be the same,

The excuse ill do it tomorrow sounds greater than ever.

Let’s face it, what harm is another lazy day going to do anyway, when tomorrow is just the same.

Well, the harm is great.

One lazy day isn’t too bad, but another leads to another and so on.

The more lazy days we have the harder they are to break those cycles.

Stay strong, break the day that thing that you were putting off till tomorrow,

Do it today.

You’ll find you feel much better.

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Motivation is not your friend.

Motivation is not your friend.

If you only wait for motivation to get going then you won’t get very far.

You are never going to find enough motivation to start something completely new,

And if you do it will be hard to get it to stick around once it does show up.

Motivation isn’t a very good freind.

It’s like the one friend who appears after all the chaos has ended and the waters have settled

Don’t rely on that friend

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Where to find motivation

Where to find motivation

You won’t find it on a map or in a treasure chest

You won’t find it in the woods

Or over a rainbow

It won’t come to you either

Motivation you find in doing what you don’t have the motivation to start.

Say its going to the gym

You might not be motivated to go

But once your there and the more you keep going the more motivated you’ll find yourself.