Its not a sacrifice

It’s not a sacrifice They say you need to sacrificeTimeEnergy &Money To achieve things like HealthWealthRelationships But is it a sacrifice? Watching Netflix, eating fast food and sweets, playing on your phone whilst dating and similar examples that’s a sacrifice of time energy and money because you ain’t getting that time back… But when itContinue reading “Its not a sacrifice”

People talk with their wallets

People talk with their wallets If you ask people do they eat healthy they’ll tell you that they eat their fruit and vegetables If you ask people if they recycle they’ll probably tell you that they do But just because they say they do, doesn’t mean that they actually do What they say is justContinue reading “People talk with their wallets”

Order your day

Order your day In the Boron Letters (Letters Gary Halbert wrote to his son in prison)the first three Gary is writing to his son about the importance of fitness Now Gary was one of the most successful Copywriters to have ever lived and he spends three letterstalking to his son about fitness He says fitnessContinue reading “Order your day”

Check the details

Check the details Giving my brother a lift to a course he was on the other day, and whilst in the car he checked the email they sent him, And he was like oh shit I didn’t see that, and turns out he needed a few documents to take with him, which he didn’t haveā€¦Continue reading “Check the details”

You’ll take away the biggest part of me

If you leave me now, You’ll take away the biggest part of me -Chicago (I think) I’ve got this lyric in my head I don’t know why, but it got me thinking That the biggest part of you cannot be someone else. People leave, People have their own plans and things happen. In the fitnessContinue reading “You’ll take away the biggest part of me”