Beautiful nothingness

Beautiful nothingness We live in a noisy world Noise everywhere, people arguing,talking, cars and trucks, planes, TV, radio… Even on social media its just noise, noise, noise… And this noise drowns out the noise in your head,No time to think just trying to process all the noise going on Then you sit down in theContinue reading “Beautiful nothingness”


Fuel. Put the wrong fuel in your car and it’s not going to work. We know this and we are careful not to do it as we know the costs of repair are high and we risk permanently damaging the car… Yet every day, we put the wrong fuel in our – Mind and BodyContinue reading “Fuel”

Who fact checks the fact checkers?

Who fact checks the fact checkers? We live in a world where your post, video, blog or whatever can be removed for breaching guideline Where if you post something that goes against an agenda they will label it as fake news. But who are they and where have they got their facts from? If somethingContinue reading “Who fact checks the fact checkers?”

Your head is not an island

Your head is not an island Have you ever just thought ‘my head is fucked’ Like thoughts all over the place, stressing for no reason and just being pure negative Then you start thinking what the hell is wrong with me, why am I like this. You start blaming the fact that you have aContinue reading “Your head is not an island”

Evil Is…

Evil is Whatever Distracts Franz Kafka I happened to stumble upon that quote whilst being distracted. Distractions do nothing but take away time from doing something meaningful and take away time from our life as a direct result of that. Distractions don’t allow us to get any Deep Work accomplished as Cal Newport would say,Continue reading “Evil Is…”