‘Live’ she says

Death twitches my ear‘Live’ she says– paths of meaning Chasing a paycheck, constantly checking our stocks, or emails,  worrying about some unimportant things… We forget to enjoy ourselves, We forget to live. With each day that passes by death creeps closer, but we push Lee further back until we have achieved somthing or paid ofContinue reading “‘Live’ she says”

Try to be alive

Try to be alive, You’ll be dead soon enough Even before lockdowns were forced upon the world,We would coast through life never really living,Just going through the motions of getting through the workweek then not really doing much because we didn’t feel like it… And with lockdowns, we sort of wanted to do the thingsContinue reading “Try to be alive”

We don’t get to choose them

We don’t get to choose them Our last words that is, Death is inevitable, we know this. But when and how we go we don’t know. We all imagine or just me that we will have some heroic death and everyone around us will have some wise words passed on… our last ones. But theContinue reading “We don’t get to choose them”

We do not receive a life that is short

We do not receive a life that is short, but rather we make it so Seneca We make life short by being bored with the present and looking to future pleasures, Wishing we could leap over the days that stand in between 2500 years ago this may have been the gladiator games, today football NothingContinue reading “We do not receive a life that is short”

Crying your hear out

Cause all of the starsAre fading awayJust try not to worryYou’ll see them some dayTake what you needAnd be on your wayAnd stop crying your heart out Just try not to worryI’m one with the starsI’ve beenAnd now I’ve goneSo be on your wayLife goes onThere isn’t much more to say My time wasn’t cutContinue reading “Crying your hear out”