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‘Live’ she says

Death twitches my ear
‘Live’ she says
– paths of meaning

Chasing a paycheck, constantly checking our stocks, or emails,  worrying about some unimportant things…

We forget to enjoy ourselves, We forget to live.

With each day that passes by death creeps closer, but we push Lee further back until we have achieved somthing or paid of this or done that,

No matter what goes on in life there are always small moments to enjoy

Death twitches closer.

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Is this what you want to be known for?

You will be known for what you do

So you better start doing what you want to be known for

-Todd Henry

What you do and what you want to do are completely different things a topic we’ve discussed plenty of times on the blog

Several times in my life I’ve wanted to be known for this and that

A wonderful fairytale in my head

The realty though actually doing those things was too much effort

They required work

My intention for this blog was to wait until I was successful (whatever that means)

In the end, we don’t actually know when the end will be it could be today or tomorrow

Do you want to be known as that person who said they were going to all that stuff

But in the end just stuck to the same daily routine without doing anything more than talking or dreaming


Times ticking let’s make a change

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The meaning of life is that it ends

The meaning of life is that it ends

– Franz Kafka

We think death as this horrible thing
The end

But the fact that we have died means that we got to live and that amazing

We look for meaning in life but there isn’t really a meaning

We are just here

We have to make the meaning but ultimately it doesn’t matter

But because it doesn’t matter whether you do something meaningful to you or not

Means that you might aswell try and do something meaningful for yourself

Because its better to die doing something than to die doing nothing

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Try to be alive

Try to be alive, You’ll be dead soon enough

Even before lockdowns were forced upon the world,
We would coast through life never really living,
Just going through the motions of getting through the workweek then not really doing much because we didn’t feel like it…

And with lockdowns, we sort of wanted to do the things we never really did when we could so we sat around hoping for things to change…

But regardless of work or lockdowns, no matter what you’re going through we can still live in the moments

You can still go home and appreciate the beauty of your partner, Take the time to taste your food, go for a walk without staring at your screen…

There are so many things that can snap us out of that mood of going through the motions, even a slightly different route home can do that…

Try to live, You’ll be dead soon enough

(I don’t know where the original quote was from but I saw it on the paths of meaning Instagram page)

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We don’t get to choose them

We don’t get to choose them

Our last words that is,

Death is inevitable, we know this.

But when and how we go we don’t know.

We all imagine or just me that we will have some heroic death and everyone around us will have some wise words passed on… our last ones.

But the chances of this happening are slim.

Roald Dahls last words were something sweet to his wife, until a nurse gave him some morphine and he uttered ‘Oh fuck’

The point is we dont get to choose how we go or what our last words will be,

So make sure you perform your duties heroically, make sure that you dont utter something stupid without thought or something you will regret.

Because we never know they could be our last