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We deserve this…

‘You deserve what your going through. You would rather become good tomorrow than be good today’

Book 8 – 21 – Marcus Aurelius Mediations

I love this quote from Meditations, ‘You deserve what your going through’

We as human beings are the only thing on this planet that won’t do what it’s capable of…

We don’t do the work.

If you block off an Ant with an object it will find a way around or over – Or it will die trying.

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Negative Visualisation

What Is Negative Visualisation?
Why on earth would anyone want to Visualise negatively?

Lets first recap on part 1

>> The Problems with The Law of Attraction <<

The law of attraction is a way of thinking positively towards attracting the things you want…

Stuff like –
A nice house
A nice Car
Lots of money
Your dream partner
A better body
Unicorns and Fairys…

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Is This Not Lifes Purpose?

I was reading a book when the question was asked –

‘If you were given 30 days to live but announced on the news was that 30 days after your ‘death date’ and asteroid would wipe out earth completely – How would that change the way you spent the last 30 days of your life knowing that all life would cease to exist not long after yours’

An interesting question isn’t it…

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You have power over your mind

“You have power over your mind—not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” – Marcus Aurelius

You’re at work and your colleague has bought in some cakes, It’s your other colleges birthday and invited you out for drinks that night & the whole office has decided that they want a pub lunch today…

Your just sat there like “I’m trying to be good, damn it!”

Maybe you even get annoyed because you really want to lose some weight yet theirs always something going on…

Does the annoyance help you in this situation?


If Oppurtunity Doesn't Knock (3)

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Make Your Own Good Fortune..

Screenshot 2018-06-03 07.39.32
I used to be stuck in that ‘There just lucky’ Mindset,
I remember the personal training days, When I would sit or stand at the top of the stairs
Waiting for people to approach me, They rarely if ever did..
(* The only time I actually got ‘Lucky’ standing at the top of the stairs was when my girlfriend at the time walked in and I was the 1st person she saw and approached for PT)

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