You just don’t luck into things. You build them step by step

You just don’t luck into things. You build them step by step, whether it’s friendships or opportunities. Barbara Bush We want the results but we don’t want the work… We expect things to be easy, for fast results, So we look for shortcuts, But even they’re too long… So we stop. We want the castleContinue reading “You just don’t luck into things. You build them step by step”

Shallow men believe in luck

Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect. Ralph Waldo Emerson Was it luck that J.K Rowling’s manuscript for Harry Potter was accepted and she became a billionaire Or Jeff Bezos becoming a billionaire with a lucky business idea… Some would say that they got lucky, whilst sat in the pubContinue reading “Shallow men believe in luck”

Remember, Today Is The Tomorrow You Worried About Yesterday

If your anything like me or like I used to be you can’t help but worry about what’s coming tomorrow… (Tomorrow being an example of a scenario in the near future that you can’t avoid) You worry so much about that certain scenario, It’s all you think about all day every day, It consumes you.

Make Your Own Good Fortune..

I used to be stuck in that ‘There just lucky’ Mindset, – I remember the personal training days, When I would sit or stand at the top of the stairs Waiting for people to approach me, They rarely if ever did.. – (* The only time I actually got ‘Lucky’ standing at the top ofContinue reading “Make Your Own Good Fortune..”