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The beauty of flowers (& You)

I used to hate buying flowers,

I thought what’s the point, they’re expensive and they die in a week if that.

Rip off.

It wasn’t until I bought a rose for a girl that I realised how much that week of beauty can make.

The smile, the excitement, the joy… from a flower.

Amazing (kind of wish it didn’t take me 6 years to realise but hey ho)

But it also made me realise that if a flower can do that in a week, imagine the effect that you have when you enter someone’s life.

The beauty you bring.
The joy
The happiness.

Yes flowers die, yes they’re expensive.

But we die too.
And life is expensive.

Its everything that happens in between.

Life is beautiful.
And so is the effect you have on people in your life.

We are all flowers.

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We do not receive a life that is short

We do not receive a life that is short, but rather we make it so


We make life short by being bored with the present and looking to future pleasures,

Wishing we could leap over the days that stand in between

2500 years ago this may have been the gladiator games, today football

Nothing has really changed.

We give our time freely to others, without taking time out for ourselves

And find that those days we couldn’t wait to arrive are gone faster than they came

And we lose days thinking to the pleasures of the night, and we lose the night dreading the day.

Over time when we look back, we realise that we have freely thrown the time given to us away and spent only little of it living or on ourselves.

Life is not short, our actions make it so.

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Epimelesthai Sautou

Epimelesthai Sautou

A lost art in today’s world,

To take care of one’s self that is.

It seems to me that we take care of everyone but one’s self.

Apart from 28 days of the year when we’re entitled to holidays when was the last time you took time for yourself,

To be alone, to reflect, and just do what you want to do in your own pace,

When was the last time you recharged (Not your phone) yourself, without the ping, ping of someone demanding your attention going off on your phone

To say no to overtime, to say no to your friends and to just simply say yes to yourself.

Yeah, that last bit sounded kinda corny but think about it,

We drop everything for a friend in need, we drop plans for extra hours but for ourselves, we drop nothing.

Epimelesthai Sautou