Old and New Can’t Live Together.

Old and New Can’t Live Together.

Ok this isn’t entirely true, if you go to Rome you’ll see ancient history blended into modern-day living and it makes one beautiful city (I think I’ve never been) Old and new clearly can live together there.


When it comes to me and you

Old cannot live with the New.

The old way of doing things and a new way of thinking that is.

You want to achieve that big goal. That requires a new way of thinking.

But thinking alone can’t change anything…

So you have to change the way you do things too,

You can’t want to lose weight, but still, do the things that made you gain the weight in the first place.

You can’t get rich by doing the stuff that got you broke…

Do you want change?

The old way has to be evicted.

No person is your friend

‘No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow.’ Alice Walker⠀

Something happens to the people around you when you start to make a difference in your life,⠀

Especially in your close circle …⠀

The people will either support you or They will try and discourage you, Mock and Laugh at what you’re doing and then try and pull you back into your old ways and habits…⠀

The latter are assholes… But it’s not entirely there fault,⠀

mockupshots-freeimage-mock-00274 (2)


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Memento Mori…

I finally got my brothers art framed… – @commixturedesigns (Instagram)

I had him draw up copies from Ryan Holidays – Daily Stoic store,

These two Pictures

‘Memento Mori’ & ‘The Dance of Death’ could seem pretty morbid to the outside world, But when you break down the meaning they are very motivational…

‘Mento Mori’ – Meaning Remeber Death

Memento Mori

‘The Dance of Death’ has a skeleton holding a crossbow with the caption

‘“Ma flesche (asseure toy) n’espargnera personne
Vous danserez trestout ce balet, que je sonnne”

Which translates to

“My arrow (I promise you) spares no one
You will all dance the ballet of which I sing”

– Meaning that we are all dancing to the ballet of life, Avoiding the Arrow… But one day as promised we will not be spared.


The Dance Of Death


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This Game We Call Life

We live in a world now where we get a trophy for just showing up ‘A participants award.’

There’s no 1st or 2nd, No winners or losers

You turn up and you get a trophy.

So that kids don’t get upset or feel left out…

Everybodys equal…

Guess what?

Life doesn’t work this way, Your kids are going to show up in the real world and have a shock when they don’t get rewarded for just turning up..

They’re going to be like ‘Whoa Dude I’m here where my reward’

And life’s just going to give them a Kick in the Face because you didn’t want to hurt your child’s feelings and tell them they lost because the other kid was better…

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Begin by Descending

A blessing and a curse as a human is that we have the ability to think…

Think about our past
Think about our future

The problem is that we often think back to our mistakes and let them cripple us and when we look to our future we contemplate our own mortality and that scares the shit out of most of us…

So we live out our lives trapped inside this bubble fearing not only the future but in fear that we are going to make the past mistakes again…

So inside our comfy little bubble, we stick to the same routines, we do the same things with our friends, we go to the same places, we moan about the same problems (That we secretly love because they’re familiar) we had last week/month and year…

& We just live our lives on repeat

Never growing – Never living – Just existing.

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