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No price is too high

No price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself

Rudyard Kipling

To be yourself is hard especially when you haven’t mastered your habits or principles, its hard to be pulled into other people’s thoughts and opinions.

Epictetus said to avoid the laymen when aspiring to be  philosopher because the laymen will pull you into there views and you’ll forget what you learnt in philosophy school.

To be yourself can be lonely even when surrounded by others, Today few are questioning the corruption of governments worldwide and allowing their human rights to be stripped from them

Those who are speaking out, being person are being branded as conspiracy theorists, being cut off from their families and friends but they held on to themselves and that’s all that matters

To individual has to struggle from being pulled in by the tribe

Be yourself, It may be lonely at times, but at least your not owned by anyone.

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Digest first

Digest them first, and you won’t vomit them up


Digest what?

Our food, our emotions, our thoughts, what we have read or learnt

We humans have the tendency to learn something new and then proclaim tithe world our new found knowledge

Someone invests in Crypto and that’s all better talk about, vomiting over everyone even though they dont fully understand what they are saying

Same with an opinion, because so and so said something and you agree but the minute someone questions you, your speechless
Digest first, soak it all in, learn the principles but then live them,

Dont call yourself X,Y or Z just live it.

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‘Live’ she says

Death twitches my ear
‘Live’ she says
– paths of meaning

Chasing a paycheck, constantly checking our stocks, or emails,  worrying about some unimportant things…

We forget to enjoy ourselves, We forget to live.

With each day that passes by death creeps closer, but we push Lee further back until we have achieved somthing or paid of this or done that,

No matter what goes on in life there are always small moments to enjoy

Death twitches closer.

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The course of the future

Even The Smallest Person Can Change The Course Of The Future

Galadriel (LOTR)

The smallest goal
The smallest task
The smallest action

The smallest of anything can change the course of the future, it doesn’t have to be the future that affects the whole world but they can affect yours.

Good or bad that depends on your actions and choices the smallest bad choices made repeatedly will change your future in a big way the same with the smallest good

It all comes down to the actions you make daily.

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And another to eat them

It’s one thing to put bread and wine away in a store room and another to eat them

– Epictetus

Epictetus makes the point that eating bread and wine gets used and absorbed by the body whereas just leaving on the shelves does nothing until eaten and compares it to philosophy (and other studies)

What is the point in study if all you are going to leave what you learnt on the shelves to gather dust

When we study or even get an insite from a film or book we must use it and embody it

Otherwise what’s the point

To say you know something and maybe impress someone

When we embody something we have learnt we improve our lives and the time we spent studying was not wasted

Embody your studies