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Questions appear as you do the Work

Questions appear as you do the Work

Trying to solve problems that don’t exist yet is procrastination

You may think its productive, but it isn’t

Because you never know what problems will show themselves and when you try and think of them all

There will be more

So you can never ask the question how do I solve this until it happens

And to do that you need to begin the work

Because when the wheels are in motion, problems are easier to solve than when you haven’t even begun

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One word on a page…

One word on the page, is worth a whole story planned in the head

– Michael Baldwin

A single action is better than an idea sitting in your head, a word on a page means you started the work, a single action means you did something more than most do, you took action.

Ideas overtime lose power, we lose interest and let the world distract us.

Any progress even if that is one single word on a piece of paper is better than one thought with zero action, because one word, leads to two,

Let’s look at it this way,
In the dating world, if you send a one word message ‘Hey’ for example, its better than not sending anything and at least you may get a reply…

The moral, just do something, anything as long as its not thinking about it

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Get yourself some experience now

All a writer really has is experience
If you intend to write, start to get yourself some experience now

-Michael Baldwin

I get asked how I come up with content every day, I read a lot and I’m human so I have experiences

Experience, no matter what craft your in, helps you become better, even if the experience isn’t related

Experience can always be translated to something else and the lessons extracted

Whatever your craft, get some life experience

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Is this what you want to be known for?

You will be known for what you do

So you better start doing what you want to be known for

-Todd Henry

What you do and what you want to do are completely different things a topic we’ve discussed plenty of times on the blog

Several times in my life I’ve wanted to be known for this and that

A wonderful fairytale in my head

The realty though actually doing those things was too much effort

They required work

My intention for this blog was to wait until I was successful (whatever that means)

In the end, we don’t actually know when the end will be it could be today or tomorrow

Do you want to be known as that person who said they were going to all that stuff

But in the end just stuck to the same daily routine without doing anything more than talking or dreaming


Times ticking let’s make a change

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What are you willing to sacrifice

What are you willing to sacrifice

Sometimes when you belive in somthing,  when you take a stand for somthing or just take a new path that others don’t follow

You are going to have make sacrifices

The sacrifice you are going to make are either some people in your life or your beliefs

Because when people arn’t on the path you are on or don’t understand what you are doing they won’t want you talking about it, or they will make a joke of it and just make you feel alienated

So you will have to cut or reduce contact with them or cut out what you are doing and give up…

But if you make a stand for somthing

The chances are your not going to give up on that stand so be prepared to lose some people along the way