Like for Likes

Like for Likes I get the idea of like for likes, You like someone’s post and they like yours so you both support each other the same with follow for follow and other stuff like that… But the issue for me is how do you know someones actually liking your content for the content andContinue reading “Like for Likes”

Now is no time to think of what you do not have

“Now is no time to think of what you do not have.Think of what you can do with that there is” -Hemingway When Musonius Rufus was exiled from Rome, he would use that time to help the others who were also exiled. He found them an underwater spring and stated how man usually turn outContinue reading “Now is no time to think of what you do not have”

How many days does a man live

How many days does a man liveDoes he spend 75 years aliveOr is he spending those years trying to merely survive Maybe the media has been lyingMaybe we can’t really spend our time buying lifeMaybe we were just complyingWorking a 9 till 5 tingSo that we could be retiring when were hardly aliveSpending all ourContinue reading “How many days does a man live”

Bad chapters can still create great stories

Bad chapters can still create great stories Cynthia Thurlow Real life isn’t a movie or a book so that magical ending isn’t going to automatically happen, But if you keep pushing through your struggles, through the hard times Then you can turn this bad chapter into a great story but not if you settle thisContinue reading “Bad chapters can still create great stories”

Live until you die

Live until you die Dan Millman (Sacred Journey of The Peaceful Warrior) Live until you die, meaning dont just get by but actually live with meaning, In the book quoted above there is one story where Dan and his mentor at the time are walking down the beach and their is loads of washed upContinue reading “Live until you die”