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Lies make you sick

Lies make you sick.

Lies including keeping things unsaid and not talking about your hopes and dreams all make you sick,

they get pushed down and you become inauthentic and have no real relationships your living a half truth and and reality isn’t real it’s just a lie you’ve created.

You become sick crushed under the weight of your lies and cant escape because you have no one to talk too and even if you did you wouldn’t know how to communicate nothing but fairness

Start communicating properly tell people how you feel, tell people what your thinking, stop lying

At first this will be difficult but with reps you get better and stronger at communicating

With reps reality becomes clearer
With reps communicating becomes easier
With reps your relationships become stronger

Stop lying
Start living

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Love Lies

Love Lies

Listen to your heart they say

But when does that ever end well

People always go running back to toxic relationships out of love

Indulge in binges for the love of food and alcohol

Love is a drug and it’s a powerful one

Love lies it’s not the best thing for you

What the heart wants, will probably kill it

Follow your logic not feelings

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Honesty in an Uncertain World

Honesty in an Uncertain World

Everything we own can be taken away from us…

The past year has shown us this.

But no matter what happens, what we lose or what we gain…

The one thing we will always have is the truth.

And no one can take that away from us.

Regardless of whether our truth hurts or offends someone (It’s 2021 It probably will) or makes their day if you have told the truth, You have at least been true to yourself.

And nobody can take that away from you.

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Problems open up possibilities

Problems open up possibilities

But only if your willing to admit that you have a problem.

Only if you are willing to admit that you have gone wrong somewhere.

Only then will the possibility present itself.

Because the mist will not clear and present the possibility of we are lying to ourselves and saying everything is ok when it isn’t.

Stop lying.
Admit you have a problem.
See the possibilitie it opens up.
Take action on it.