Words Spoken Set life in motion

All quotes are from The Mount Of Olives Book by Michael V. Ivanov Perhaps when you are able to speak, you can’t think at the same time. On Olive trees, “Sometimes they take 5 to 8 years to produce fruit,”… barren and useless for so long just like he had been. But when they becameContinue reading “Words Spoken Set life in motion”

The universe does not care if you are a nice person.

The universe does not care if you are a nice person. You can’t sit around expecting good things to happen to you, expecting the universe to reward you for being nice. You need to take action. Because to be honest the universe probably does not even know you exist, We are about as relevant toContinue reading “The universe does not care if you are a nice person.”

The universe owes you nothing

The universe owes you nothing The universe is a cosmic beauty that I far from understand, but I’m pretty certain it is not a catalogue of your wildest dreams I’m pretty sure it’s not giving you signs to follow or conspiring against you. The universe by chance gave us life, what more could you askContinue reading “The universe owes you nothing”

It’s not ‘meant to be’ – Its meant to be done

It’s not meant to be – Its meant to be done – Jade Teta. If it’s meant to be its meant to be – (I hate writing this post because my Nan always said that saying) But, If you’re sat around waiting for the stars to align waiting for something to happen then you needContinue reading “It’s not ‘meant to be’ – Its meant to be done”

Negative Visualisation

What Is Negative Visualisation? Why on earth would anyone want to Visualise negatively? Lets first recap on part 1 >> The Problems with The Law of Attraction << The law of attraction is a way of thinking positively towards attracting the things you want… Stuff like – A nice house A nice Car Lots ofContinue reading “Negative Visualisation”