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They label what they don’t understand

They label what they don’t understand

The other day I was called a leftist

I don’t know what that means but I think its political

I’m not left or right, I like to think for myself

But this came from a conversation where I didn’t agree with the other persons views on women and race…

So I was branded a leftist

I’ve also been branded a conspiracy theorists and an anti masker…

As soon as you have been branded the other person has shut off any debate,

They do it because you question their views which makes them have to think

And they don’t want to have to think

So you become a label.

This happens when you start to improve your health or start to look after your wealth or partner to

Oh your a simp
Oh your a health nut
Oh your a….

It goes on

No I’m a free thinking individual who doesn’t care what label you give me

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Who are you beyond the labels.

Who are you beyond the labels.

Who Am I.

Is the question I was told to ask myself today on the Wake Up Warrior Challenge.

Who Am I?

Who am I beyond the labels I was given?

Who am I beyond the stories I tell myself.

Who we are is normally the story we tell ourselves the most.

The storey we believe the most.

You are not worthy – Is Just a story
You are a failure – Is just a story
You areā€¦ Is the story you tell yourself.

Who are you?