Study what?

Study what?if you don’t learn these things to put into practice, why learn them in the first place?– Epictetus Why do you read or take that course, or watch those how to videos and not implement what you have studied. To say I know that? Studying on it’s own is useless, knowledge on it’s ownContinue reading “Study what?”

Live Up To What They Taught You

The best way there is to thank a teacher…Is to live up to what they taught you -Ryan Holiday I don’t think that there could be anything more fulfilling as a creator than knowing your work had impacted and changed someone’s life… A teacher can be from a book or some random person you metContinue reading “Live Up To What They Taught You”


Applying. I read over 60 books last year, some were fiction for a change but the rest were personal development type of books. I also did a few courses… The year before I read over 40 (can’t remember the exact amount) And guess how much of this information I had applied… Very little. Information isContinue reading “Applying”