Study what?

Study what?if you don’t learn these things to put into practice, why learn them in the first place?– Epictetus Why do you read or take that course, or watch those how to videos and not implement what you have studied. To say I know that? Studying on it’s own is useless, knowledge on it’s ownContinue reading “Study what?”

Knowledge doesn’t take away the difficulties of life

‘I know first hand that knowledge doesn’t take away the difficulties of life’ Dan Millan Knowledge alone doesn’t really do much, except maybe help you win a pub quiz or look a bit smart and smug in front of your friends or that person you’re trying to impress… When it comes to facing difficulties inContinue reading “Knowledge doesn’t take away the difficulties of life”

You Are Your Most Important Asset

Remind Yourself (Often) That You Are Your Most Important Asset. You buy an investment property, The chances are you’re going to look after the property to increase the cash flow value and the capital appreciation (Unless you’re like my old landlord) You invest in stocks, you’re going to watch the markets to make sure youContinue reading “You Are Your Most Important Asset”