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Kings don’t play the game of right now!

Kings don’t play the game of right now!

I’ve been playing the game of right now which is why its 12:25am and I’m up posting this.

The game of one more episode, which leads to being wide awake and board at 3am so i turn to porn for entertainment

It leads to being in bed half a day and playing catch up and getting frustrated with people for bothering me because I haven’t done what I wanted to do

A wondering generality who makes up excuses to get me off the hook as to why I’ve failed time and time again

Want to make boss moves in your life

You need to stop making decisions on what is going to please you right now and make decisions on what you want in the future

I.e. fat loss is that treat snack, whatever going to get you what you want?


Make a boss decision

Let’s do the work

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I told lies
I didn’t rise
So the kingdom dies

I lost my crown
All I have is a frown
My world is upside down

So I sit and ponder
Wonder where it all went wrong
It wasn’t so long ago
I had it all
How did I fall
I had the queen
I had the kingdom
I had the throne
But now I’m all alone

I lied
I didn’t rise
The kingdom died
I didn’t deserve the crown
Deep down I guess I’m just a clown