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You know what you need to do

You know what you need to do to fix it

But you don’t.

There has been many, many times in my life that I’ve known what the solution is.

But I’ve kept doing the same things that don’t work.

This has been a recurring theme across my body, my relationships and my business.

I don’t know why we do it.

But I know that we can pivot away from it.

It takes time to realise what were doing, and sometimes we never realise.

But if we journal our actions or even feelings

We unlock patterns that we are normally blind to see.

If we vent our feelings on paper before we blurt them out to the world we might realise that actually this isn’t the way to behave.

Then we can pivot away from that behaviour and actually fix it from a rational point of view.

You know what you need to do…

Stop fucking shit up.