We need to practice

We don’t become virtuous by reading Epictetus or Seneca, We need to practice – Massimo Pigliucci Practice, Practice, Practice that’s all we’re doing, all day every day, The question is what are you practising? Are you practising what you said you would or are you practising talking or quitting… Talking about how you’re going toContinue reading “We need to practice”

Operating Systems

Operating Systems They are the lively hood of any tech gadget, any video game and anything in the digital world. Operating systems are always changing, improving and innovating, That’s why you probably throw out your phone every 12-18 months to upgrade it for the fancier version… If a tech company introduced a new device withContinue reading “Operating Systems”

Each Change A Death

Each Change A Death – Marcus Aurelius Each change brings about chaos from our normal world, Chaos of the unknown, Chaos of discomfort and Pain, Each time we descend into this unknown world, We die a little, We die a death… A death of our old self. A death of the way we used toContinue reading “Each Change A Death”

You can’t rely on your mood to get you where you need to be

You can’t rely on your mood to get you where you need to be ‘I’ve just got to be in the mood to read’ – Girl in Waterstones I’m stood there earwigging at these two girls conversation as they blocked the whole bookcase Then one of them starts saying how she hardly reads anymore becauseContinue reading “You can’t rely on your mood to get you where you need to be”

Failure Is Success (Part 2) Yesterday I wrote my interpretation of the above-titled chapter, This is a summary of what Rob (Moore) actually wrote The harder you try the luckier you get, the more you persist on even when you keep getting rejected, missing shots and losing status the better chance you get at beingContinue reading