Not for you

Not for you The diet that’s working for your friend isn’t for youNor is their training program The investment your family member is trying to get you in on isn’t for you Nor is that career path everyone telling you to do because its family tradition It’s not for you. What’s for you is whatContinue reading “Not for you”

We make the reasons

We make the reasons Things don’t happen for a reason, Things happen at random. Your car breaking down wasn’t a sign from the gods or the universe it was just machinery breaking. Getting injured or fired is not a sign from the universe they are just thing that happens. Maybe they’re not for the bestContinue reading “We make the reasons”

We are not our Jobs

‘No… He was dead’ -Cato When a famous wrestler called Milo was crying by the sideline watching the youths wrestle and athlete training, he looked at his muscles and said – ‘Now these are certainly dead’ (Something I do daily) Which is when Cato came out with the quote at the top, meaning Milo wasContinue reading “We are not our Jobs”