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Rome Final Chapter

Rome the final chapter

After 4200 steps yesterday I was done.

I walked passed the Colosseum which to my surprise was very quiet, the bars around the area are normally busy at 9pm but hardly a soul around.

Walking up a bit further by the forum the bar there is normally full aswell, about five tables had people on them, the rest empty.

I thought to myself if the rest of Rome is like this tonight then I’m not walking any further so just are there.

I bought a couple drinks from a shop and got told off because it was after 10pm and walked back to the hotel

I walked down some different streets away from the tourist areas and to my surprise the restaurants on the streets were quite busy.

I kept walking and found a cool rock bar that was full and further inland there was another restaurant full and another.

Damn there was me feeling lonely with no atmosphere and it was all inland.

I carried on walking and near my hotel every night there has hardly been anyone around and bam theres a bar I never even knew was there that had people outside having a good time, dancing and the lot.

Where has all this come from I thought, this must be where all the locals go.

Anyway I retreated back to the hotel where I wrote a few posts and drank by myself.

The next day I had a long lie in, my right leg was throbbing and I could feel muscle tightness in my right leg,

I limped to the balcony and did some reading.

About midday I walked to the pyramid that was a 10,000 step walk and when I got there I realised there was a main road built around it, which made it hard to get a decent photo and just admire it.

I decided to explore the neighbourhood where I realised that people were on the other side of the fence admiring the pyramid…

How’ve they got in there i wondered.

After exploring a little I found a grave yard which had a great view of the pyramid

So there I stayed just chilling with the dead.

After a while I wondered around the neighbourhood there wasn’t much about so I walked up to the river and towards the Colosseum area.

There i discovered the back of the forum i believe with loads of restaurants and windy streets, so i went exploring

Just following each road as they led to another windy little side street,

Before i knew it I was at the Pantheon. I was enjoying this random roaming around Rome away from the main roads, so I carried on, one side street to the next I ended up near the Spanish steps.

I realised I hadn’t eaten yet and its was about 4pm so I decided I’ll wait for tea.

I carried on this random roaming until I ended up back at the Colosseum on a bridge with an amazing view.

I retreated back to the hotel after that to rest my legs.

My final night, since I probably wont be travelling abroad for a while and probably wont be back to rome if I do, I wanted to see Rome at night

I also had a real craving for a Chinese so that’s what I did, I started out at the Colosseum and found a really nice Chinese restaurant down the road,

From there I wondered down the back streets to see the busy night life and restaurants in all there glory, to the Castle Sant Angelo,

Then I got lost and stumbled back onto the Pantheon, from there I went to Terreza Del Pincio which gives you a really nice views over the city.

I stayed there for a while, then did the walk back in reverse to the Colosseum for one last long look.

I love Rome, the next time I visit though will definitely have to be with a woman as I now know all the cute little spots and great places to eat

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Roma part 3

I found a place to eat last night although wasn’t very hungry so just had a salad and 3 strawberry daiquiris

Man they were strong

I’m also pretty sure that blond girl I fell in love with was in there too

(No I didn’t speak to her)

After becoming very drunk, I romed around the Trevi fountain and then decided to walk to the Spanish steps

Nice view from the top

Then headed on a long walk back to the hotel

Where I had the longest night of my life

Woke up around 2am dehydrated because I didn’t fill my water bottle up like an idiot

So managed to fall back asleep for what felt like hours, checked the time it was 2:10 -.-

Fell back asleep and the same thing happened 2:20 this went on for a good 40 minutes until I remembered I had a red bull in the fridge

Not the best drink to have when you wanna sleep but I thirsty as fuck and it was the most refreshing drink I’ve ever had

Fast forward to the morning i booked the Vatican museum for 11am, regretted that instantly because I wanted to sleep in and it was a long trek

But Vatican city was really nice on the eyes and it killed a good 3 hours, plenty to see

And the sistine chapel was pretty cool at the fact someone painted it, the actual thing didn’t really have a wow effect on me to be honest

After Vatican city I found a place with a view of all rome, so I thought it would be a good idea to walk there

After a long trek and walking up a windy road with no footpath I made it

The view was worth it but I was fucked by this point and about an hour or 2 away from my hotel

I rushed back because I was supposed to be going to a meet up event at 8

But stumbled across piazza del Popolo and a park which had another amazing view

After walking for what felt a lifetime I crashed on the sofa at the hotel and checked the details of this event

715 pm and an hour and a half away, damn I misread the details and could of casually strolled back and enjoyed more of the scenery

Now I’m debating what to do, I can barely walk and have no idea where or what to eat

I wanna be around people so I’m thinking Trevi again but I’m not sure I can walk that far

I’m also debating what to do tomorrow as I feel like I’ve done all I can over my past 2 trips so anyone got any tips for a solo traveller

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Roma part 2 – No agenda

I was planning on doing 19 days in Italy but the way the uk is being run its likely we’re going into a second lockdown.

Even these 4 days I’m taking a risk. Last minute I decided to just go to rome again but up until then the 19 days i had no agenda but to start in Milan.

I used to overthink and try and cram everything into a short trip which resulted in a lot of stress where I could of been relaxing and taking more in on less sites.

I apologise to my ex who never really got a beach day because I wanted a trip to the next town, and to my mother who i dragged to Barcelona for the day from sunny salou (we got drenched)

So i decided i need to relax a little bit more.

I first tried this in Lloret De Mar in march, the first time I had travelled on my own for a few years.

The place was either on the verge of lockdown or it was out of season and no where was open

So instead of relaxing on the beach with some strawberry daiquiris I spent the first 2 days walking everywhere trying to find somewhere that was open (McDonald’s)

I saw all the sites on the first day and I was just left thinking what am I doing here (I even tried to get an early flight)

Anyway that leads me back to Rome.

I came here this time with the intention of having no Agenda like my original trip, so that’s how I played today my first full day…

Had a long lie in, didn’t feel like going to breakfast

Woke up and read some Ryan Holidays ‘Lives of the stoics’ (When in rome) on the balcony till about midday.

Then I got hungry so I went on the hunt.

After a few wrong turns I found my self trying to cross the road

Fuck why is crossing a road so hard

The green man comes on (which in the uk means your safe to walk) so I cross then traffic comes flying round the corner

Wtf Rome

So I took several diversions just to avoid crossing the road

Which meant I’m lost.

But with all these diversions I stumbled across the tiber river which was a nice little walk up to the castle

I then decided to head inland towards the Pantheon which from my last visit I knew there was food

I didn’t find it but stumbled across the Piazza Navona which was stunning and oh loads of food

I went to the one that was fairly busy with the best view sat down and looked at the menu

Oh shit these prices are ridiculous and no strawberry daiquiris, bad call.

So I ordered some chips €7 ouch and some other strawberry drink which wasn’t that nice

But the view was amazing

Then some girl dressed in blue with blond hair was wondering around recording everything

I think I fell in love, i was waiting for my bill which took forever and by the time I had paid she was out of sight

Not like I would of had the balls to talk to her but ones mind can pretend they would.

After I had eaten and had a drink I was a little more relaxed

I just wondered around for a bit trying to find my way back to the Colosseum area

Rome seems to be completely different this time around… yea I got lost.

Anyway I found my way back went and sat with my pal Marcus Aurelius for a bit

And headed back to the hotel with a detour to some shops which took longer than I expected

The day isn’t over and I’ve done nearly 30,000 steps

This no agenda thing isn’t quite working.

I’ve just mostly walked and stumbled across a few nice things without really experiencing anything new

So I’ve planned my evening

I’m going to head to Fount Trevi because from my last trip its stunning at night plenty to drink and loads to eat

Then tomorrow I’m going to head to Vatican City providing I can cross road

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Roma Day 1

Rome Day 1.

Mother – ‘Are you looking forward to it’

Me – ‘No not really’

Maybe it’s the stoic in me, but I try not to get excited about things before they happen because fortune can intervene

Driving to the airport listening to Oasis, I still wasn’t excited but just enjoyed the drive instead

I got to the airport a few hours early, got to security to find there was no queue… oh yeah were still in a pandemic

I made it through security in a recording breaking 5 minutes

Ok now my excitement peaked

Fast forward a couple of hours and I’m boarding the plane, there was no one sat besides me which is always a bonus and the flight was pleasant

Got some nice views of Roma before landing and heading for my private taxi,

I don’t really get anxious but the roads and the way people drive in Rome scared the hell out of me, everyone cuttings through each other. It reminded me of videos of Thailand or Indias traffic.

I got to my hotel to be disappointed that the picture don’t match the actual room, which happens more times than they dont.

I got my room now with the usual ‘What the fuck do I do now’

After half an hour of procasting I decided the Colosseum was my first point since I know my way around from there.

Well I got lost spent about 30 minute of Anxiety trying to cross an 8 lane road, I thought this is the way I’m going to go…

But no I made it across and 10,000 steps later I made it to the Colosseum

Found a restaurant directly across from it and asked for a table for 1 please

And a couple of Strawberry Daqouries (however its spelt)

Once they arrived the waiter snatched my phone, now I’m thinking what you doing man, but he does the camera signal so I start awkwardly posing for a picture

They were so cold I started shivering.

After an hour or I returned to my hotel to find it’s on a straight road so I dont know how I got lost in the first place.

My first night in Rome didn’t have the same wow effect it did back in August.

Probably because this time I’m alone and the roads were very overwhelming or simply the fact I’m by myself this time,

Who knows.