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Its not a sacrifice

It’s not a sacrifice

They say you need to sacrifice
Energy &

To achieve things like


But is it a sacrifice?

Watching Netflix, eating fast food and sweets, playing on your phone whilst dating and similar examples that’s a sacrifice of time energy and money because you ain’t getting that time back…

But when it comes to improving your health and relationships and creating wealth it’s not a sacrifice…

It’s an investment.
Invest wisely

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What’s the point?

What’s the point

Have you ever heard or said someone talk about how they want to eat healthy, exercise 3-4 days per week, save money etc

But they go from nothing to all out

Except the thought of going all out is too overwhelming so they dont do anything

But if you suggest for example just exercising once per week

They would be like

What’s the point in that?

People would rather dream of doing something 5x per week than actually do anything once

Start small, don’t overwhelm yourself and build habits

Rather than dream big and do nothing