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When you don’t feel like it

When you don’t feel like it

Is when you need to do it the most.

When you have now motivation, or inspiration and you just wanna be curled up on the sofa.

That’s when you need to just get up and do something.

Anything, it doesn’t matter what, because that something will lead to something else.

To quote nike, just do it

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Stay Strong

Stay strong.

It’s easy to lose sight of purpose and motivation during the lockdown,

When you can’t really do much and the days just seem to be the same,

The excuse ill do it tomorrow sounds greater than ever.

Let’s face it, what harm is another lazy day going to do anyway, when tomorrow is just the same.

Well, the harm is great.

One lazy day isn’t too bad, but another leads to another and so on.

The more lazy days we have the harder they are to break those cycles.

Stay strong, break the day that thing that you were putting off till tomorrow,

Do it today.

You’ll find you feel much better.

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The example you set

The example you set

In 480bc 300 Spartans and some allies marched to Thermopylae to battle 2million persians.

They knew they could never win, they went to die so the spartans could rally their full army

But not only that they went to give the rest of the army courage

When 300 spartans could cause all that damage imagine what 10,000 could do.

They led by example to inspire the nation to win the war.

We might not always win at first but our actions can inspire others (or even ourselves) to later take action and win

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Walk on road, hm?

Walk on road, hm?

Walk left side, safe. Walk right side, safe. Walk middle, sooner or later…get squish just like grape.

Mr Miyagi

Or as Yoda says, Do or do not there is no try

It doesn’t matter what we do in life, we just need to commit to it

I’ll try, or I’ll guess I’ll give it ago, yeah maybe… whatever it is that your not fully committed to isn’t worth attempting as it’s just a waste of precious time

I’ll try and quit smoking, I’ll give that diet ago,

You already know after a couple of meals your not going to stick at it

This is true for everything in life, left or right, just make a decision and get out of the road

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Instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers

So you plant your own garden and decorate your own soul,
Instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.

Veronica Shoffstall

No one is responsible for your happiness,
And your not responsible for anyone else’s

No one is responsible for your growth
No one is responsible for your career
No one is responsible for the actions you take, or dont take

Stop waiting for other people to solve your problems,
Stop blaming other people,

Just get out there and tend to your garden and watch what happens

It’s all on you.