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In Between Time

We book a holiday and all we do is look forward to it,

We imagine ourselves sat on a beach with a cocktail, or seeing a world famous site whilst we go about our boring daily lives

We get excited about going to a party or a meal with so and so and once again this consumes our mind

But the time in between planning the thing and actually doing the thing matters just as much

Yeah you may be looking forward to your holiday or whatever but are you not equally looking forward to another day.

Instead of daydreaming about what you could be doing in 2 weeks time you could be enjoying the taste of your food or the sites around you

The things we do in between are the important stuff because they take up the majority of our lives and to be honest they’re pretty amazing if you learn to appreciate them

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Caged Bird

Fall or fly
You gotta take the leap
Or you’ll die

You can’t remain in the cage
You’ll die of old age before you even come of age
This is the stage of life where you need to break down the cage
Otherwise you’ll become agitated, angry filled with rage and regret
You’ll never be able to forget the time when you could of taken the leap
But instead you took a peep over the edge and backed back into the cage

Fall or fly
You gotta take the leap
Or you’ll die

Don’t be too blind to see
Your limits are in the mind
The cage is imaginary
You can be free

You just have to risk the fall
So you can fly