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We’re not the same

On a world map Greenland and Africa look the same,

But in reality Africa is 14x bigger than Greenland…

From a far we look very similar to other people, but reality is that we’re all very very different.

We all have different skills, personalities, ambitions, problems

We’re all different but a common trend is people following trends trying to look, be, do the same as others

But the world doesn’t need you to be like everyone else

In needs you to be different

It needs you to be you

Embrace your differences, be unique where you can, if you have a unique skill then work on it

Just stop trying to be the same

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We are not our Jobs

‘No… He was dead’


When a famous wrestler called Milo was crying by the sideline watching the youths wrestle and athlete training,

he looked at his muscles and said –

‘Now these are certainly dead’ (Something I do daily)

Which is when Cato came out with the quote at the top, meaning Milo was basically dead since he couldn’t see any purpose past his wrestling career,

Making his identity his job.