Switch Off

You Have To Know When To Switch Off We all know what its like to get hooked on something great, Like a series, or a videogame, Maybe a book or research papers, whatever it is yours into. We all know then what it’s like when we can’t turn them off. What was once a pleasureContinue reading “Switch Off”

Those who are hardest to love

Those who are hardest to love, need it the most Socrates This is true, Those who are socially awkward and struggle with human connections also need connection the most. Absence of these things trigger responses in our brains that heighten our sensitivity to human signals, but this could lead us to overlook or overthink theContinue reading “Those who are hardest to love”

The Gap Method

One of the easiest ways to truly get to know someone is to get in a car with them How to they behave on the road, Jade Teta calls it ‘The gap method’ (or something like that) Do they let other drivers merge or do they close the gap so that they can get aContinue reading “The Gap Method”

Wild Child

Why don’t we play anymore,When did our lives become so greyFearing another dreaded Monday We used to play without a thought for the rest of the dayStop and splash in a puddle, then make a dash straight to the next puddle No thoughts of consequences of what the other kids thought of usWe were justContinue reading “Wild Child”