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Your Avatar

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.” -C.G. Jung

Before you start your quest you need your avatar, This is not a video game where you can create your perfect version of you, Select your strength and how you look, bash a few buttons and master a skill…

You want to level up in real life, You need to look inward, You need to know who you are first, in order to bridge the gap and become who you want to be…

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Those who are hardest to love

Those who are hardest to love, need it the most


This is true, Those who are socially awkward and struggle with human connections also need connection the most.

Absence of these things trigger responses in our brains that heighten our sensitivity to human signals, but this could lead us to overlook or overthink the signals that other people don’t see.

It may lead us to think that someone is a threat, or that we will be judged so we retreat inwards or become a bit awkward.

Leaving us the thing that we crave the most to repel it.

When you see someone and you think my god they are awkward or hard work, Take the time to wonder why is it because they are weird or don’t want your company…

Or is it most likely that they want it badly but where they are right now in their heads is kind of awkward?

Take the time when you speak to people, let them come out of their shells slowly once their brain chemistry has perceived you as not a threat.

And you might realise that these weirdos or hard to love people are the most loveable and awesome.

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Living Amongst Wicked People

We’re Just Wicked People, Living Amongst Wicked People


We all do wicked things, We don’t always mean to and neither do they.

We should be kind to others and firm on ourselves,

We can’t control what others do, but we can control our actions…

Or at least learn from them,

Why did we do that?
Why did we behave that way?
What caused me to do that?
What can I do better in the future?

The aim of each day is to be a better version of ourselves by the end of it, Not go backwards.

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You’re Probably Guilty

You’re Probably Guilty Of It Too.

We can be annoyed at people for anything really, Taking too long, talking too much, cutting corners, Not putting enough effort in and the list goes on.

But yet the thing we’re annoyed at in someone else we’ve probably done the same thing or very similar at some point in our lives whether we did it intentionally or not and if we haven’t the chances are someone very close to us has.

We are quick to judge others but we often fail to judge ourselves but really we should be quick to judge our actions and be more patient with others.

We’re far from perfect so why would we expect anyone else to be.

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Always Changing

You can’t know something that is always changing

You always get that person who says they know the roads so they drive like an idiot on them…

Or they know their friends but then they let them down…

There are many things that we think we know, but really the variables are always changing,

You may know the roads, but you don’t know who else is on them, whether someones going to pull out or not or how the weather is going to be on the day,

You may know your friends but people are random and unpredictable, even we ourselves can be so how do you know what your friends going to be like.

It’s like those people who live with wild animals on the internet and there like ah nahh they’re tame, Then a couple of years later you see that they were killed by the animal.

The only thing we know is that life is always changing, we never truly know anything or anyone.

And knowing that we can prepare for the worst whilst hoping for the best.