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The only way to learn is to live

The only way to learn is to live
– The midnight library

We’re going to make mistakes
We’re never going to get to right the first time
Or the second
Or the third

But just because we messed up doesn’t mean we can sit around and do nothing

We messed up and we’re going to do it again

Because that is life and that is how we learn

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Ecotherapy and mental health

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Metabolic Human

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Daily deposits

Daily deposits

Making daily deposits in your life leaves you in the surplus

Putting you in a position of power to make withdrawals…

As opposed to not making deposits and them trying to withdraw and having nothing there to withdraw…

We need to make deposits in our life…

Health deposits, wealth deposits, relationships deposits…

Let’s look at health, If we are constantly withdrawing, late nights, poor food, stress daily

It’s just eventually going to burn out…

Where as if we exercise, eat well, do stress reducing activitys

And constantly make deposits,

When we face a situation that’s stressful, we have the balance in the bank to handle it with a clear mind and a healthy body that isn’t already running on fumes…

The same applies to other areas of your life

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Lets just slow it down

Just Slow It Down…

Bigger, Faster, Better…

That’s what we want and we want it yesterday.

But when it comes to building a better body, better business, better relationships…

We need to slow it down.

Our bodies are the perfect example of this.

We try and lose 10 years of weight in 2 weeks, or we try and build 10 years of muscle in 2 weeks…

The results we do get aren’t sustainable.

Yeah, you may lose 25lbs but its the same 25lbs you’ve been losing for the last decade that you regain back and lose again.

Let’s slow it down, let’s get sustainable results.

Let’s have an awesome year where longevity is the main focus.