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The struggle is good.

One of the most fascinating lessons I’ve absorbed about life is that the struggle is good.

Joe Rogan

The struggle of getting through a tough workout
Or a tough financial situation
Or anything really,

If you are actively trying to change the situation, Then no matter what happens you will grow from the struggle.

You will become someone completely different without you even realising it.

Struggles challenge you
Struggles change you
Struggles are good for you

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Get after it

Get After It
-Jocko Willnik

Its easy to overthink things
Its easy to put off
To create a to do list of a thousnad things to do and get nothing done.
In the end what matters is not what was said but what was done,
so in the words of Jocko

Get After It

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You have the opportunity

You have the opportunity

But that doesn’t mean you’ll take it.

Every day we have opportunities

I know because I have waisted many of them.

But every single day we have an opportunity to create, Yep even the way the world is right now we still have that opportunity.

To create change in our life, To create something great, To create meaning…

But just because the opportunity is there, Does not mean you will take it.

And just because the opportunity is there does not mean it will be handed to you, You are not entitled to the opportunities you have to earn them.

You have to go out there and do the work required.

Knowing this are you going to sit there and let another day slip by?
Or are you going to take the opportunity in front of you?

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The universe does not care if you are a nice person.

The universe does not care if you are a nice person.

You can’t sit around expecting good things to happen to you, expecting the universe to reward you for being nice.

You need to take action.

Because to be honest the universe probably does not even know you exist, We are about as relevant to the universe as a pebble on the beach…

So stop expecting the universe to reward you.

You want something, You want magic results, YOu want your life to change…

Then you need to take action.

You need to do the work.

And not just once, but every day until you have the results you want.

Then you need to keep on doing the work to maintain those results and do even more work to get different results.

Because that’s life

And the work never stops.

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The only way to learn is to live

The only way to learn is to live
– The midnight library

We’re going to make mistakes
We’re never going to get to right the first time
Or the second
Or the third

But just because we messed up doesn’t mean we can sit around and do nothing

We messed up and we’re going to do it again

Because that is life and that is how we learn