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Honesty in an Uncertain World

Honesty in an Uncertain World

Everything we own can be taken away from us…

The past year has shown us this.

But no matter what happens, what we lose or what we gain…

The one thing we will always have is the truth.

And no one can take that away from us.

Regardless of whether our truth hurts or offends someone (It’s 2021 It probably will) or makes their day if you have told the truth, You have at least been true to yourself.

And nobody can take that away from you.

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Compromising your outcomes

Entering into any infection with compromised health, Leads to poorer outcomes

-Dr Tyna

Entering anything with poor health (I.e. Mindset, Attitude, Health etc) will compromise your outcomes.

I’ll give it a try, whilst playing on your phone not giving it your full attention, then that course is not going to be life-changing.

Neither is that diet of your craving the Pizza and alcohol two days into it,

Or the relationship if you’re swiping on other girls during your date.

Whatever we do in life, Our jobs, our relationships, surviving an illness if our health, attitude, commitment is compromised then we are fighting an uphill battle.