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The stronger the wind

The stronger the wind the stronger the tree

Paths of meaning

A group of scientists grew some trees in a lab but the trees kept collapsing, eventually they realised that the fact the reason was because there was no wind to strengthen them

No think of someone who was born with it all and never had to work for anything, the moment they face adversity, they crumble

Because they had no ‘wind’ to strengthen them

So your facing adversity today…
That’s your wind,
Its making you stronger

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It Just Doesn’t Go Your Way

Sometimes it just doesn’t go your way and there is nothing you can do about it.

Our initial reaction is to do just that… React

Its an evolution feature that doesn’t serve us that much in the everyday life…

But some people live off just reacting to bad shit and it controls them…

But we have also evolved passed this reptilian brain, but it’s slightly slower so when the bad shit does happen we need to make the effort to not react so we can take a rational approach…

At the end of the day, the world is random and a lot of stuff will not go our way.

Do you want to live in a constant state of just reacting and sulking, and getting angry about things totally out of your control.

It’s not going to make a difference at the end of the day, well maybe give you high blood pressure or something…

But the situation won’t change.

But what can change is your outlook on the situation and come up with an alternative…

But not if you react to it.

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Are you prepared for the worst?

Are you prepared for the worst?

“Rehearse them in your mind: exile, torture, war, shipwreck. All the terms of our human lot should be before our eyes.

– Seneca

Bad things happen.

They have and they will continue to happen.

That’s life.

But things could always get worse…

A lot worse.

Yet when things get bad, people tend to look forward, and imagine life getting good, they say I can’t wait for all this to be over.

But what if its never over, or at least not anytime soon.

Then what are you going to do,

Because in my experience positive thinking sets us up for defeat.

We look forward and we hope, and then all of a sudden we are hit with another deviating blow.

But what would happen if we had predicted that blow,
Not with positive thinking but with negative thoughts instead.

Thinking of how things can get worse, how you won’t recover…

In a strange way this is kind of positive thinking, after all when you have predicted the worst… the worst that can happen is what you are expecting and its not devastating if you are already waiting…

Anything else is a bonus.

Prepare for the worst, if you want the best.

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Darkest before the dawn

Life is the hardest thing we’ll ever know
Yet it’s also the most beautiful thing too
There are going to be hard times and we are going to sink so low
But there will be some great times, even though maybe Darkness is the only thing you’ve ever known
But darkness can’t exist without the light
Yes life feels like a fight and you always seem to be fighting in the night…
But it’s darkest before the dawn
So please keep up the fight…

Your light is coming
And its going to be bright

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Its not even the end of the day

It’s not the end of the world, Its not even the end of the day

-Beady Eye

I love that lyric, We think our world has ended and we really don’t see a way through the struggle,

Yet this has happened many times throughout my life and I still made it through the day,

The world didn’t end and I had a tomorrow to get through.

The same mind that got us through past struggles will get s through current and future ones too. But the difference being that we have past experiences to get us through the up and coming so we are stronger than we ever were.

Remember your word isn’t ending, You have the rest of the day to get through first.