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Cheesecake is Life

Cheesecake is life
Every day a bite
Delicious or sickly
I could eat this all night

Every bite a day
Sometimes it’s just scrumptious
Sometimes it’s a bit tangy
Sometimes its riche
And sometimes its sickly

Yet tangy or sickly
Scrumptious or rich
Its cheesecake
Regardless its delicious

Sometimes you bite off more than you can chew
Sometimes you barely take a bite and let it go to waist
Sometimes you just have the amount that would satisfy goldilocks
Just right

Cheesecake is life
Every day a bite
Delicious or sickly
I could eat this all night

They say you can’t have your cake and eat it too
But cheesecake is beautiful
And I’m taking a bite

Once my spoon comes dry
I will not cry
Because I had my cake
And I ate it too
Cheesecake is beautiful
And life is too

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Another Face

In this crowded place
Your not just another face
What you do will leave a trace
And not just for the human race

Your not just another face
When I look into your eyes
I got lost in a galaxy far far away from the space I know,
Your far more than just a face

You have a soul, that makes you whole, not just another face to sit behind a desk and punch numbers into a computer, while your coworkers socialise about nothing much

And you stress and think your life is a mess because you’ve been conditioned in the westernised way of living,

But are you really living,
I get lost in your eyes but I can see they have just cried,
are you really living,
your boss may have lied and life may not be what you thought it was but when you realise that your far from just another face

You can lead the human race to a realisation that we have souls and this western way we live is just a deflation on our souls
so that we never became whole.

Let go of your beliefs that you need to work hard in a job you dont like, so you can live in that apartment that you don’t want to hang out with people that you don’t like
this belief has robbed you like a thief

You should pack up and leave,
follow your heart you are the chief,
this is your life your not just another face to win the corporate race,
I can see it in your face you will achieve more if you follow your heart

Pack up and depart follow your heart turn your life into art
your not just another face this corporate race is killing your spirit,
dont fear a new start,
dont fear it
unleash your spirit
your not just another face
In this crowded place