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To celebrate a simple life

It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life
-Bilbo Baggins

When you log into social media and you see everybody flexing

New nails, new cars, new homes, new stocks…
Flex, flex, flex

Everybody just trying to level up, stressing when they can’t keep up, Anxious because they haven’t gained anything to flex on lately

They don’t seem to realise that simply going for a walk in nature or picking up a book and sitting in the garden is very pleasurable, They miss out on the simple things, they miss out on the moments because they are chasing moments instead of living them…

Celebrate a simple life
Its a happy life

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Laughter is the key

Start with a joke.

It’s easy to overthink things,

And let the pressure pile up,

Maybe it’s for a presentation or you are just trying to think of an opening line to message someone you like…

Sometimes laughter if the way.

It lightens the mood and takes the seriousness out of whatever you’re doing.

And laughter is universal, everybody understands laughter even animals…

Laughter can take the stress away from a stressful environment or situation

And if the situation is out of your control

You might as well laugh because the opposite only adds to the stress.

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Where’s all the love at?

Isn’t it sad that when I write words of pain
You nod your head and remember a time when you felt the same
Yet if I write words of love, peace and happiness
You scrunch your face and think I’m insane
Isn’t it sad that pain is universal
Yet where is all the love at?