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How to regrow

The seasons are changing
They dont need reasons
Its getting colder
As we get older
The earth is just renewing
Whilst we’re pursuing eternal life
Yet we’re getting older
And a little less wiser
It’s like we’re going backwards
We try to cling on to what we have
Whilst the earth let’s go of its heat
We have to admit defeat
We cling on to what we have
Whilst the earth let’s go of what it has
So it can regrow
Yet We’re afraid to let go
So we’ll never know
What eternal life is
We’re afraid of change
So we live in a limited range
Aren’t we strange
We’ll never regrow

The seasons are changing
The earth is letting go
Whilst we’re holding on
So we’ll never know
We’ll never know
How to regrow

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Bad chapters can still create great stories

Bad chapters can still create great stories

  • Cynthia Thurlow

Real life isn’t a movie or a book so that magical ending isn’t going to automatically happen,

But if you keep pushing through your struggles, through the hard times

Then you can turn this bad chapter into a great story but not if you settle this chapter for the ending.

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Instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers

So you plant your own garden and decorate your own soul,
Instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.

Veronica Shoffstall

No one is responsible for your happiness,
And your not responsible for anyone else’s

No one is responsible for your growth
No one is responsible for your career
No one is responsible for the actions you take, or dont take

Stop waiting for other people to solve your problems,
Stop blaming other people,

Just get out there and tend to your garden and watch what happens

It’s all on you.

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Why you looking to others for inspiration, look around everyone has their head to the ground

Why would you wait for someone to step up to the plate, just to inspire you to do something

When everyone else is waiting for something to inspire them, we’re trapped in a circle of everyone passing responsibility on to everyone else

Don’t wait for inspiration just create something and as a side effect you create inspiration, in yourself and others

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Hunt Growth

Hunt Growth,

Like a lion stalks its prey, it remains silent, slowly creeping upon it, patiently waiting to make the leap to catch it prey,

That is how we should hunt down our growth, if we don’t have patience we will miss our shot by trying to move to quick.

In the gym, if your try and rush to a new personal best, you risk injury by lifting more than you can handle, whereas if you slowly progressed and stalked that PB, when the time is right you can attempt the lift and because you slowly progressed your body is more capable of handling the load.

The same is true in any area of our lives

You try and rush a business deal you’re going to miss some of the smaller details which can cost you greatly,

I tried to rush the online dating thing since my normal small talk wasn’t working, I went straight in for the ‘Hey let’s go out for drinks’ I didn’t think this was bad until I got a few unmatches and one reply of ‘HaHa’

so yeah patience is the key be a Lion stalking its prey and not a dog chasing its ball