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Drifted Apart

I tried to grow
But I didn’t know how to apply it
So instead of growing upwards
The more I tried to grow
The more i started sinking down into the unknowns below
Like an anchor that broke away from the boat
I sank deep below
Whilst you stayed afloat
And drifted away
Far from the shore
Into the stormy seas

I tried to grow for us
But trying wasn’t enough, I should of used more heart
The more I tried to grow the more we drifted apart

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Blind To Possibilities

Blind to Possibilities

When we dwell on a problem, we get stuck in the cycle of the problem, our perspective is just the problem and other problems.

Remaining in the problem, blind us to possibilities.

We need to shift this perspective.

To shift the perspective we need to walk the block and look at it from everyone’s point of view.

And find the desired outcome.

Without shifting the perspective we just remain stuck in a pit and we’ll never grow.

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The Stories We Tell

The Stories We Tell

We are limited by the stories we tell ourselves. I am this, I am that I can’t this and I can’t that.

They restrict us to a box that we can’t grow from.

But when we look at the Universe in its constant state of expansion, Then look at us beings in that universe, Aren’t we meant for expansion too?

If our purpose is for expansion and growth, then those stories we tell ourselves have to grow to.

And if the stories have to grow, then so does that box that restricts us.

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To grow you.

To grow you.

When it comes to relationships, most people look for someone to complete them, to be there better half.

But is that what makes a great relationship.

When you’re putting all the pressure on the other person to keep the relationship happy.

When you can’t live without the other.

This is not fair on them or you.

A relationship should help grow each other so that you can be independent of one another.

The power couples we see usually help grow one another, They have their own things going on they don’t have time to be feeding each other’s insecurities rather they help each other grow out of them.

Look for someone to grow with.

Not someone to make you happy.

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How to regrow

The seasons are changing
They dont need reasons
Its getting colder
As we get older
The earth is just renewing
Whilst we’re pursuing eternal life
Yet we’re getting older
And a little less wiser
It’s like we’re going backwards
We try to cling on to what we have
Whilst the earth let’s go of its heat
We have to admit defeat
We cling on to what we have
Whilst the earth let’s go of what it has
So it can regrow
Yet We’re afraid to let go
So we’ll never know
What eternal life is
We’re afraid of change
So we live in a limited range
Aren’t we strange
We’ll never regrow

The seasons are changing
The earth is letting go
Whilst we’re holding on
So we’ll never know
We’ll never know
How to regrow