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Don’t block your own path!

Don’t block your own path!

Build your kingdom, instead of blocking your path.

Garret J White

We all have goals and dreams

We all know what we need to do.

We also most of the time know what we need not to do.

Yet the what not to do is what we find ourselves doing the most.

We order the supplys to build the kingdom then we put a road block in the middle of the path so they can’t get there.

So we are left with the dreams in our heads and the obstructing behaviours in reality.

This conflicting behaviour is destroying us.

Let’s do the work

Let’s build those castles in our mind.

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But Flesh and Blood

The wise man is not made of Iron and Stone, But Flesh and Blood.

Ancient Philosophy.

Anything ever done was done by a human being, meaning it is humanly possible for everyone to do if they put their mind to it. We’re all flesh and blood.

We all have fears, we all have desires, We all have emotions.

It’s not the absence of these emotions that make people great, it’s controlling them that does.

You can’t be courageous without fear, You can’t be disciplined without desire.

Controlling these natural responses and doing what needs to be done is what makes one great, is how one achieves great thingsā€¦

Mastering these natural desires is itself a great achievement.

Remember flesh and blood is all that is needed.