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The course of the future

Even The Smallest Person Can Change The Course Of The Future

Galadriel (LOTR)

The smallest goal
The smallest task
The smallest action

The smallest of anything can change the course of the future, it doesn’t have to be the future that affects the whole world but they can affect yours.

Good or bad that depends on your actions and choices the smallest bad choices made repeatedly will change your future in a big way the same with the smallest good

It all comes down to the actions you make daily.

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Plan all the way to the end

“Let all your efforts be directed to something, let it keep that end in view. It’s not activity that disturbs people, but false conceptions of things that drive them mad.” -Seneca, On Tranquility of Mind, 12.5

You’re suited up ready for action, ready to level up. You can see your target it’s locked in. You charge towards it, Boom It was an ambush and now there is no way out.

When motivation is high, when we’re ready to level up and our emotions are high, we need to steady ourselves, go back to the war room and check the battle plan.

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Don’t sail out farther than you can sail back

Don’t sail out farther than you can sail back
– Danish Proverb

I think if people followed the Danish advice on this one history would have been very boring

Let’s look at this from a fitness point of view

If you only ran as far as you knew you could run back then your fitness would never improve because you wouldn’t up the distance

Or you would never attempt a personal best in lifting in case you wouldn’t be able to complete the lift

In life you would never take risks in case you failed

I’m sorry Danish people but sometimes you have to risks

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The path is more important

The path is more important than what set him on the path

– The Archer

Look back over your life and then look where you are now

What got you here probably was not what you started out doing

But this is where the path has led

Everything effects everything else so when you start out on one thing the chances are your going to stumble upon something

Which will take you down a whole other path and once again you will stumble upon another thing and the cycle repeats

What’s important is that you keep walking this path because we don’t know where its going to take us

But it’s a journey of growth

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God feeds the Birds

God feeds the Birds, be she doesn’t throw the worms Into the nest

-Dave Ramsey

Whatever it is that you want to do, whatever you decide your life purpose is

Out there… in the real world there is every tool you can think of to achieve those goals

Out there is where you’ll need to go in order to do the work and find your worms

The tools are out there waiting to be utilised by you

But nobody is going to bring them to you

Go get it