Fuel. Put the wrong fuel in your car and it’s not going to work. We know this and we are careful not to do it as we know the costs of repair are high and we risk permanently damaging the car… Yet every day, we put the wrong fuel in our – Mind and BodyContinue reading “Fuel”

Did you workout today?

Did you workout today? On the Daily Fuel podcast (Wake Up Warrior) Garret J White was telling a story about his trip to the sandwich shop And long story short the New staff member said to him, ‘I’m going to require you to wear a mask’ Garrets response was classic… ‘If you’re going to requireContinue reading “Did you workout today?”

Daily deposits

Daily deposits Making daily deposits in your life leaves you in the surplus Putting you in a position of power to make withdrawals… As opposed to not making deposits and them trying to withdraw and having nothing there to withdraw… We need to make deposits in our life… Health deposits, wealth deposits, relationships deposits… Let’sContinue reading “Daily deposits”