On What Little Remains

Check out this post from Invictus Everyone is loaned 24 hours a day. This is a debt that cannot be repaid, unlike your credit card where you can pay off the balance and then make another withdrawal. With time once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. With each day, week and year that passes soContinue reading “On What Little Remains”

The importance of foundations.

The importance of foundations. When the tide is high, what lays upon the surface is hidden, Sharks, crabs, rocks, bones… are all hidden When the tide goes out these are all exposed. Life is like the tide and it’s why we need solid foundations. When the tide is in and everything is running smoothly weContinue reading “The importance of foundations.”

The Foundations Need To Be Facts.

The Foundations Need To Be Facts. We’re coming up into the new year, everybody’s thinking about where their life is heading and starts setting goals (or resolutions.) You know how they go. But one thing we normally miss out is that we forget to look at where we are deeply. We say we’re going toContinue reading “The Foundations Need To Be Facts.”