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The importance of foundations.

The importance of foundations.

When the tide is high, what lays upon the surface is hidden,

Sharks, crabs, rocks, bones… are all hidden

When the tide goes out these are all exposed.

Life is like the tide and it’s why we need solid foundations.

When the tide is in and everything is running smoothly we cant see the rocks underneath us.

We have money, the good times are rolling…

But what happens when that tide goes out.

How is your relationship going to manage crashing on the rocks, how is your buisness going survive…

If you have solid foundations, you know what lies beneath the surface, you have focused on them even when they weren’t exposed.

So when the tide finally did go out, life carried on smoothly.

Unfortunately for most of us, when things are good, we hope they will last forever.

But the tide washes them away.

But life is pretty great in that every day we get to rebuild

So if you have lost it all, you can rebuild

If you are ignoring the rocks, you can start to have a contingency plan in place in order to prepare for the day things go south

Foundations are important.

Nothing would stand without them

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The Foundations Need To Be Facts.

The Foundations Need To Be Facts.

We’re coming up into the new year, everybody’s thinking about where their life is heading and starts setting goals (or resolutions.)

You know how they go.

But one thing we normally miss out is that we forget to look at where we are deeply.

We say we’re going to do X but we don’t have a clue where A is. So we have no idea how to get to B let alone X.

The result is we dive straight for X and we can’t maintain X, so we quit.

The foundations of what we set our goals on need to be Facts otherwise everything we say is just going to be fiction.