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The man who refuses to fight his battles

The man who refuses to fight his battles
Ends up Fighting them in the end

-Alexander The Great (I think)

Avoidance, Hiding, Ignoring any of our problems does not solve them.

We all know this,

Debt will catch up as will ill health, or the emotions you’ve been suppressing…

Think of it as going to a battle but the enemy has not got all their troops ready,
Fighting a problem early on will finish the battle early on…

But leave the troops to reinforce and prepare and you have a full-blown battle on your hands…

It’s best to fight your demons head-on early on, rather than letting them manifest and grow…

Either way, you are fighting them

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To fight against the darkness

To fight against the darkness is to win

It’s hard
You cant see
It feels like you are carrying the world and more
Your fighting internal battles
And external ones to
Every angle you can’t see an escape

But whatever you do
Dont surrender to the darkness
Dont give up
Keep fighting
The more you fight, the more you push the darkness back,
Eventually you’ll start to see light
But only if you keep fighting.

Defeat the darkness.

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Darkest before the dawn

Life is the hardest thing we’ll ever know
Yet it’s also the most beautiful thing too
There are going to be hard times and we are going to sink so low
But there will be some great times, even though maybe Darkness is the only thing you’ve ever known
But darkness can’t exist without the light
Yes life feels like a fight and you always seem to be fighting in the night…
But it’s darkest before the dawn
So please keep up the fight…

Your light is coming
And its going to be bright