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Cheesecake is Life

Cheesecake is life
Every day a bite
Delicious or sickly
I could eat this all night

Every bite a day
Sometimes it’s just scrumptious
Sometimes it’s a bit tangy
Sometimes its riche
And sometimes its sickly

Yet tangy or sickly
Scrumptious or rich
Its cheesecake
Regardless its delicious

Sometimes you bite off more than you can chew
Sometimes you barely take a bite and let it go to waist
Sometimes you just have the amount that would satisfy goldilocks
Just right

Cheesecake is life
Every day a bite
Delicious or sickly
I could eat this all night

They say you can’t have your cake and eat it too
But cheesecake is beautiful
And I’m taking a bite

Once my spoon comes dry
I will not cry
Because I had my cake
And I ate it too
Cheesecake is beautiful
And life is too

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I had a cool idea for a post today, but then I forgot what is was, so now I’m just kind of improvising as I go,

Because sometimes we can just sit and think too much and get nothing done whilst waiting for a bit of inspiration

Or we can just start something, good or bad it doesn’t matter because it will get the juices flowing and something good may come of it

What stands In the way becomes the way as Marcus Aurelius would say

It’s a bit like when your feeling anxious about something, say a job Interview,

Well during the interview your not anxious because your there in the present but worrying about is in the future

So action helps stop anxiety

We can think or we can do
We can worry or we can take action
We can let obstacles stop us, or we can use them to drive us forward

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Too much of a good thing

Too much of a good thing and you become blind about it – Maxime LagacĂ©

Too much of anything we perceive to be good eventually will become bad.

Too much exercise – We risk overtraining, under-recovering, and risk getting injured

Too much alcohol – The enjoyment of the night, control over yourself and the fun for others gets ruined…

too much of your favourite dessert will become sickly

Even too much sex will eventually stop becoming pleasurable and you lose that connection with your partner…

It’s important today that no matter how motivated you are, how much you want to succeed you take the time to recover from your ‘good thing’

Before you get blinded by it.