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When you pulled out too soon.

When you pulled out too soon.

I was on this 5 day training program with Garret J White and he tells this story of when you put children through swim survival lessons

And as traumatic as it can be to watch you cannot pull the child out until they have passed training otherwise they’ll be traumatised for life and have panic attacks etc when they enter the water…

Now this applies to everything else we do in life too…

We try something new, it’s scary do we continue or quit?

I had a Road Traffic Collision once and was swiped along the motorway by an artic truck

Courtesy car arrived the next day and I was driving again, the day after back on the motorway… a little shaky but still on there.

Then I had to return the Car and didn’t bother getting a new one for like a year

And guess what

Since I hadn’t been on the motorway since the last time the simple thought of it petrified me, so I avoided them for another year…

I pulled out to soon aka not constantly going on them after the accident so the fear had grown in my mind

And I was traumatised so to speak…

Where across your life did you pull out too soon

And now the thought of doing x scares the hell out of you

And what can you start doing taking the steps to conquer that fear

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The Weight and Filter of the past

The Weight and Filter of the past

Is what we are basing our lives we live today on.

What happened in the past does not equal your future…

But when you look out of the horizon on your future, you are looking through a lens that is filtered from past mistakes.

So you cannot get past them and you are constantly living in the past today.

Which means you cannot progress because of this weight that’s dragging you down.

But this filter is from the past, right… So why should it determine what you do in the future?

Why should we be held back by a filter that isn’t even relevant anymore…

We shouldn’t…

So you need to find a way to let go of the weight and remove the filter so you can start living today.