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Or you can ride it

A wave can kill you or you can ride it

– How to stop time

Fear cripples us, it make us freeze and buckle under pressure

Or it can push us to do incredible things that otherwise would be in humanly possible

We can act in spite if fear or we can hide from it

And the difference between living a good life hangs in the balance

Living in fear isn’t really living at all

Look at the world at the moment

Fear has divided us

Fear has stopped people from seeing there families and friends and stopped people from working

Fear stopped the world, not the virus

If we all decided to ride the wave like Texas we’d be out of this mess a long time ago

Sometimes in life we just need to ride the wave

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Be Fearless In Facing Them

Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers, but to be fearless in facing them.

Rabindranath Tagore

Hiding from problems, or wishing we never had any, Never doing anything risky will always make the problems or dangers 10x worse

I know I was fairly babied as a kid, I never thought my own battles so facing the real world as a grown-up was a challenge and required more learning than the average adult.

And I sometimes still try to avoid facing problems,

But I’ve learnt that it’s easier to just hit them head-on, it eliminates the fear because you don’t have time to think too much, you just do and at the moment you’ll find that you are equipped to deal with anything.

Don’t pray for no danger, danger is where we grow

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Fear cuts deeper than swords

Fear cuts deeper than swords

Aria (Game of Thrones)

^ Guess which book I’m currently reading

I was thinking about fear the other day and the amount of opportunities it has cost me

Fear of rejection mostly

My fear of rejection in the past has led me not to pitch multiple sales in my personal training days (and I wondered why I didn’t get many clients)

In more recent times I never used to message my matches on the dating apps…

And everything in between

Fear will paralyze you in the moment, make you feel sick with worry before hand and fill you with regret afterwards

All for what? A very creative imagination of stuff that probably wont happen…

At least if you take action on your fear the worst that can happen is failure

Rather than worry and regret

Regret will last a lot longer than the stab wound of failure any day

At least with failure you can say you tried

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Did you workout today?

Did you workout today?

On the Daily Fuel podcast (Wake Up Warrior) Garret J White was telling a story about his trip to the sandwich shop

And long story short the New staff member said to him,

‘I’m going to require you to wear a mask’

Garrets response was classic…

‘If you’re going to require me to wear a mask, I’m going to require you to have worked out today’

And the point was and we see this in all areas of our lives not just with the Vid situation but people aren’t addressing the real problems

And Garrets point was basically a mask won’t protect you if your immune system is shot, if you’re not eating healthy, and exercising regularly, A mask will probably make it worse…

But we see it in relationships when a couple falls out they buy flowers or something to makeup but it does not solve the underlining problems of why you keep falling out.

It’s a false sense of protection, In reality, they aren’t really doing anything.

Across all areas of our life, there will be something that we don’t want to address so we mask it instead in hopes that it will eventually solve itself.