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This is true this year more than ever.

Level Up Your Life


Today kids will run straight to the tree that’s filled with presents, Adults will exchange gifts and visit loved ones (or family of loved ones)

There will be drinks and laughs lots of food and maybe a few fights, But remember today isn’t about the presents under the tree it’s about the presence of you and the people around you,

They are the biggest gift of all, Life is strange, look around they might not be here next year, they may go travelling or lose contact, or you know pass,

But today they are here,

That’s what is important.

Enjoy the present of their presence

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F*ck you to everyone

Fuck you to everyone

Your partner
Your parents
Your kids
Your friends
Your business
And to yourself

That’s what your saying when you procastinate

That’s what you say to them when you don’t do the work

Fuck you.

When you aren’t giving your all, when you aren’t being the person you can be.

Is that how you want to go down…
Saying fuck you to your gifts?