Too Young, Too Old

Too young too old There is a funny pattern in most things like investments for example You will be talking to someone about x or y and they will be like… Well I’m too young to start that or too young to worry about it But past a certain point the other side of theContinue reading “Too Young, Too Old”

Invisible Scripts

Invisible scripts Are the scripts that have been handed down to us from our parents, teachers, anyone who had a significant part of our upbringing. They are their beliefs and views that have been chilled into our subconsciousness So that when someone for example says that you only need to save an extra £100 eitherContinue reading “Invisible Scripts”

The choices we make

It comes down to the choices we make… In the end that’s all the matters Did you do the work or not. No excuses, just yes or no Well I didn’t do this because… No because, just yes or no Did you do the work… Well I… Did you do the work … yes orContinue reading “The choices we make”

The Cost Of Victimhood

The Cost Of Victimhood When you look at anything in your life, You can see it comes down to one thing. Your results. You either get them or you don’t. That’s it. But we do one of two things when it comes to our results. We either Own Them Or make excuses for them. TheContinue reading “The Cost Of Victimhood”

When it’s not on your doorstep

When it’s not on your doorstep What do you do? Do you wait until another event rolls around closer to you or do you travel the distance. I’ve been to several events 100s of miles away from where I live, long train or coach journeys, hotels etc. At the same time in Facebook groups IContinue reading “When it’s not on your doorstep”