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Too Young, Too Old

Too young too old

There is a funny pattern in most things like investments for example

You will be talking to someone about x or y and they will be like…

Well I’m too young to start that or too young to worry about it

But past a certain point the other side of the coin comes into play

Arr I’m too old now, I wish I’d started when I was younger

Erm so where is the line in between the two

It’s right now

Whatever it is get started now, your not too young your not too old

The time is right and it’s right now

Just do it before you can think of anymore excuses

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Invisible Scripts

Invisible scripts

Are the scripts that have been handed down to us from our parents, teachers, anyone who had a significant part of our upbringing.

They are their beliefs and views that have been chilled into our subconsciousness

So that when someone for example says that you only need to save an extra £100 either by not spending or cutting back to help you become financially free

You come up with an automatic response like

Yeah but I can’t save because I was born in this part of town or I didn’t go to university so I can’t do that…

These automatic scripts that we didn’t even know we had hold us back in many many ways just simply by shutting out any possible alternative to our subconscious views…

Its like the label thing I wrote about the other day

Next time you respond with an excuse you didn’t even think about, you need to question the excuse

Because it probably holds no weight and is just holding you back

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The choices we make

It comes down to the choices we make…

In the end that’s all the matters

Did you do the work or not.

No excuses, just yes or no

Well I didn’t do this because…

No because, just yes or no

Did you do the work…

Well I…

Did you do the work

… yes or no

That’s it.

Everything In life we experience comes down to the choices we make

So make the choice to do the work.

Dont make the choice to make excuses.