Ecotherapy and Depression

As I sit writing this particular section, I’m surrounded by 4 concrete walls, in an artificially lit room, the sound of cars zooming past on the road nearby. If I step outside, I’m greeted with a concreate carpark, To my left, a big concrete apartment block, to my right the City of Preston. There is […]Continue reading “Ecotherapy and Depression”

When it’s not on your doorstep

When it’s not on your doorstep What do you do? Do you wait until another event rolls around closer to you or do you travel the distance. I’ve been to several events 100s of miles away from where I live, long train or coach journeys, hotels etc. At the same time in Facebook groups IContinue reading “When it’s not on your doorstep”

Your head is not an island

Your head is not an island Have you ever just thought ‘my head is fucked’ Like thoughts all over the place, stressing for no reason and just being pure negative Then you start thinking what the hell is wrong with me, why am I like this. You start blaming the fact that you have aContinue reading “Your head is not an island”

We’re not the same

On a world map Greenland and Africa look the same, But in reality Africa is 14x bigger than Greenland… From a far we look very similar to other people, but reality is that we’re all very very different. We all have different skills, personalities, ambitions, problems We’re all different but a common trend is peopleContinue reading “We’re not the same”