The Idea Of Change & Change Are Completely Different.

The Idea Of Change & Change are completely different. We all think about change,We all talk about change, How we are going to do something… But how much of what we say do we actually do… Not a lot. Because we like the idea, but we don’t like the work, the effort required or theContinue reading “The Idea Of Change & Change Are Completely Different.”

F*ck you to everyone

Fuck you to everyone Your partnerYour parentsYour kidsYour friendsYour businessAnd to yourself That’s what your saying when you procastinate That’s what you say to them when you don’t do the work Fuck you. When you aren’t giving your all, when you aren’t being the person you can be. Is that how you want to goContinue reading “F*ck you to everyone”

Motivation is not your friend.

Motivation is not your friend. If you only wait for motivation to get going then you won’t get very far. You are never going to find enough motivation to start something completely new, And if you do it will be hard to get it to stick around once it does show up. Motivation isn’t aContinue reading “Motivation is not your friend.”

They are felt with the heart

“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.” The little prince It’s not the mansion that’s beautiful, It’s the hard work you put in to acquire it that makes it so, It’s not the abs you want, its the feeling of achievement you get onceContinue reading “They are felt with the heart”